Wood Doors Lift and Slide

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Lift and Slide

Pocketing, open up an entire wall, Retractable screen doors. Flush sills for a sleek look. All sizes and configurations from one pocketing door to 20 panels all motorized in unison opening up the entire rear of your home!

Durable and Elegant

Artistic’s products are designed to gracefully compliment your home through the decades. Holding back the weather, harmful sun rays, and sound by using only the absolute finest woods, glazing and hardware available in the world, Artistic ensures your investment in our products will pay dividends for a hundred years to come. All of Artistic’s products are fully tested by independent test laboratories and our windows and doors meet and exceed the requirements for every part of the USA.

Fully Customizable

Not only sizes like many of our competitors, but details, dimensions, customizable down to the exactness drawn by your architect, or to match a historic window or door in any of the hundreds of Landmark Commissions throughout the country. Clean modern lines to historic profile matching, Artistic does it all. Your challenge is our purpose.

Classic to Modern

Your vision, complemented, seamlessly integrated with Artistic’s windows and doors. Don’t be tied to standard details. Design what you envision. Artistic will work closely with your team to bring your project to fruition. Walls of glass that pocket with the touch of a button, yes. A well balanced Hung Window with delicate details to match a 125-year-old historic window, yes.

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