Steel & Bronze Doors Folding


Folding Doors

OS2 Inswing Doors are an integrated system with accessories, seals and thermal break profiles allowing for a wide range of doors, rectangular, shaped or curved. They can be equipped with single or double glazings. Built with a weep system with central sealing gaskets, a three-side internal rebate seal and an automatic retractable bottom seal to ensure maximum performance from the elements. Each solution is equipped with a related set of accessories integrated in the system.

Modern and Elegant

Clean Sophisticated lines. Artistic Steel products exude attention to detail. Insisted on by you for. Maintaining that jeweled eye to the soul of your project, the windows you select are the vision by which you see through both sides of your home.

Fully Customizable

No compromises. Have what you want. Sizes, configurations, muntin patterns, glass specifications, walls of glass or a small metal window placed conspicuously as if to greet your eye. Different metals inside and outside. Challenge us. Artistic will rise to any occasion.

Stands the Test of Time

It’s a great feeling opening a window that’s 100 years old. Save that for your Great, Great, Grandchildren. Artistic Steel Windows and Doors will be there. Performing flawlessly throughout the generations. It’s an investment in longevity intently designed to leave a legacy.

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